Bronze Sculpture Rape of The Sabine Woman

Bronze Sculpture Rape of The Sabine Woman


Presenting a beautiful bronze sculpture depicting “The Rape of the Sabine Woman”. The original sculpture was executed by Renaissance artist, Jean Boulogne or Giambologna, b. 1529, in Douai, Flanders (now in northern France), later relocating to Florence, Italy.

In this sculpture, Giambologna succeeded in doing what Michelangelo could not, he raised his figures in an upward spiral and composed them so that they were viewable from all angles as opposed to a direct frontal focus. The Rape of the Sabine Woman is part of the violent myth of the founding of Rome when Romulus sent his warriors out to capture women to insure that his race would be propagated. This sculpture embodies the violence of this act and the struggles of its victim. It is one of the most recognizable sculptures of all time, and the greatest of Giambologna’s creations.

This bronze sculpture came out of a fine Tennessee estate and is in pristine condition with finely detailed features and casting. We estimate its age to be 25-35 years old. It is set on a marble platform with metal named plaque.

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Size 30″ Height x 11″ Width.


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